Scalp to Hair by Nak Hair

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    Scalp to Hair is a professionally prescribed hair care collection designed to benefit men and women with Thinning Hair.

    A nutrient rich botanical scalp collection, designed to treat the scalp with care for thicker, fuller hair. Infuses topical actives, anti-ageing botanicals, vitamins and herbs, targeting sensitised and ageing hair follicles, to assist in the prevention of thinning. Strengthening hair from root to tip, encouraging healthier hair production day by day. 

    TOPICAL ACTIVES: Aminexil, Niacinamide and Co Enzyme Q10 penetrate the scalp skin, targeting sensitised and ageing hair follicles, eliminating unwanted DHT, which is considered the main culprit triggering thinning in sensitised hair follicles. Fortifies existing growth cycles, to help slow down the signs of thinning.

    26 products
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