Redken Products Online

Planning a holiday trip is half excitement, half logistical nightmare. There’s booking, searching online reviews to set an itinerary, securing attraction tickets, group organisation, and packing. Since packing is one of the last things to get done, you might overlook missing necessities until days before your departure. Even when you don’t have an exciting trip on the horizon, your daily haircare suffers as soon as you run out of your care routine staples and can’t replace them fast.

The inability to make it to a salon quickly threatens all the work you’ve put into your hair. Thankfully, THE HAIR HUB sells Redken Products Online with expedited shipping nationwide.

Redken’s founders, small-screen actress Paula Kent and chemist Jheri Redding, launched in 1960. The brand is credited with revolutionising professional haircare through science and business education. Kent had notoriously sensitive hair, a problematic quality in an industry of glitz, glamour, and make-believe. Redding developed low-PH products that wouldn’t strip and break her hair despite regular style changes. After Redding’s departure, Kent continued using chemistry to improve styling options for a range of hair types.

This scientific approach to haircare has made Redken a household name for hair types that do not respond well to off-the-shelf products. Bargain brand alternatives cut costs through the use of harmful additives that strip colour, split ends, and cause breakage.

Sold primarily in salons, getting Redken’s tailored formulas used to be a hassle and demand a lengthy trip; not anymore. THE HAIR HUB now offers Redken products at our online store. Need a little backup? You can contact our outstanding team to find the right formulas for your hair. Order from home and your shipment will be dispatched to anywhere in Australia with same-day postage.